Where does Break Poverty intervene in the world ?

Although Break Poverty intervenes primordially in France today through its three pillars of intervention: early childhood, prevention of school drop-outs, and access to employment, Break Poverty is determined to continue its battle against poverty all around the world, especially where extreme poverty remains a violent threat to populations. A first and extensive program is currently developing in India. Multiple projects are currently being examined in other regions of the world such as Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

Naos Village in India

Break Poverty coordinates a three-folded program in India. Financed by NAOS, global player in skincare and implemented by Action Contre la Faim – India, Naos Village aims to save, in urgency, families suffering from extreme poverty and malnutrition and, in the long term, to provide sustainable livelihoods. This global project benefits to 45 000 Indians from a tribal zone and is composed of three missions:

  • Health and malnutrition: care for children suffering severe malnutrition, for pregnant women, awareness of breastfeeding …
  • Development of rationing tools: set up of familial gardens, distribution of seeds, training for farmers, cooking classes, informing families on the constituents of a balanced meal …
  • Water and hygiene: installation and rehabilitation for drinkable water sources and informing residents the adequate sanitary practices when utilizing toilets.

Repair the needs, mobilize local players – in particular enterprises – set up pioneer and innovative projects, in order to measure the impacts and to replicate it in other regions. This project will soon be evaluated and spread somewhere where the needs are great.

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Credits : Kyle Glenn, Unsplash.