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The Break Poverty Foundation was in Béthune on Thursday, May 23rd for the inauguration of their strategy, the Local Corporate Endowment. More than twenty local corporations were assembled to discover this ambitious strategy and the 12 chosen projects by the

The Break Poverty Foundation launches its unique strategy to mobilize corporations to fight against poverty: the local corporate endowment. After a first successful experience, this strategy has been recognized by the government and mentioned in their national strategy to fight against poverty on a

Today, Emmanuel Macron has announced the content of the Anti-poverty plan. Among the selected measures, the Local Corporate Endowment, a concept initiated by Break Poverty Foundation.

There are 8.9 million people living underneath the poverty line in France and 26% of the households where the person of reference is under 30 years old are poor. It is urgent to innovate and mobilise new actors in the fight

In October 2017, the President of France announced the beginning of a national strategy to prevent and fight against poverty. In order to organize and lead this project, M. Olivier Noblecourt was named the interdepartmental delegate alongside Mme Agnès Buzyn,

The historical tendencies in France are now being reversed as poverty numbers are rising. Young adults are the first victims of this shift. The state, the community and associations work each day against this ominous decline but their resources are