Break Poverty : A humanitarian organisation that places innovation at the heart of its action

The mission of this humanitarian organisation, Break Poverty Foundation, is to identify and support innovative solutions against poverty. Its unifying ambition also makes it possible to gather around current issues such as global inequalities or child poverty.

In order for Break Poverty Foundation to successfully and durably carry out its commitment to the fight against poverty, the following three central pillars have been defined:

  • strategic support for transformative programs
  • research
  • mobilisation for innovative solutions

Discover the different programs that have been selected and are supported by Break Poverty Foundation to fight against poverty in France and abroad.

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Today, Emmanuel Macron has announced the content of the Anti-poverty plan. Among the selected measures, the Local Corporate Endowment, a concept initiated by Break Poverty Foundation.

There are 8.9 million people living underneath the poverty line in France and 26% of the households where the person of reference is under 30 years old are poor. It is urgent to innovate and mobilise new actors in the fight against poverty. Discover our press release here

In October 2017, the President of France announced the beginning of a national strategy to prevent and fight against poverty. In order to organize and lead this project, M. Olivier Noblecourt was named the interdepartmental delegate alongside Mme Agnès Buzyn, minister of Solidarity and of Health. A large consultation scheme was
2,8 MILLIARDS de personnes vivent avec moins de 1,70€ par jour

2,8 billion

people live with less than 1.70€ per day

1 ENFANT SUR 5 en France, est pauvre

1 in 5 children

in France, is poor

100 000 JEUNES en décrochage scolaire chaque année en France

100 000 teenagers

drop out of school each year in France

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Because ending poverty is a challenge we must fight together, we will double the amount of your donation to Break Poverty Foundation.

Sponsorship at Break Poverty Foundation, through the support of our programs, is a way of directly contributing to the fight against extreme poverty. Financial donations, salary round-up, skill-based sponsorship…

The bequest allows you to donate all or a portion of your assets to the people of your choice and/or to a foundation like ours, beyond your lifetime or the one of your surviving spouse. In this manner, you retain your assets for the entirety of your life.

This donation allows you to transfer, while alive and in an irrevocable manner, an asset of your choosing. Your gift can be of a real estate nature (one or more properties), of a financial amount, an investment portfolio or even an art piece.

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