A review of our conference “Inequalities from an early age: understanding and taking action”


A review of our conference “Inequalities from an early age: understanding and taking action”

To mark the release of its new study “Inequalities from an early age: understanding and taking action”, Break Poverty Foundation organized a conference at the French Ministry of Health and Solidarity.

Christophe Sanchez, Break Poverty’s Director of Innovation, presented the main conclusions of the study, as well as the key projects urgently needed to repair our social elevator.

The full study report is available
A summary of the study is available here

Various players in the field of poverty and early childhood then supported the recommendations, backing them up with their own expertise.

Social assistance, access to foster care, how to review the pillars of our family policies to support vulnerable families.

Elisabeth Laithier, the general rapporteur for the public service consultation on early childhood, emphasized the importance of access to childcare services, specifying that it is necessary to work on both the quality of care and the significant increase in the number of daycare places.

``Access to childcare meets four major challenges: gender equality, equal opportunities, regional equality and full employment`` - Elisabeth Laithier

Julien Damon, sociologist and associate professor at Sciences Po, argued in favor of making family allowances accessible from the first child. He explained that the family allowance system had not undergone any major revision since its creation, and was not adapted to evolving family structures.

What the Quebec example can teach us.

Julie Poissant, Associate Professor at UQAM, then provided an insight into the Quebec experience, emphasizing the need to measure inequalities from the earliest age, in order to anchor the subject in public debate. In Quebec, the EQDEM survey, carried out every three years on children entering kindergarten, sent shockwaves through the public authorities, leading to the introduction of ambitious early childhood policies.

How to support vulnerable parents? The role of associations and PMI.
``Associations like ours need more funding to perpetuate actions that work well where we are often expected to innovate``

Julie Picard Bodard, director of the Kalia agency, emphasized the need to reinforce the preventive actions implemented by the PMI by giving them the means and tools to reach and support the most vulnerable.

Claire Gougeon from ACEPP and Coline Dumoulin, in charge of the “Espaces Bébé Parents” program at the Red Cross, reminded us of the importance of associations in supporting the most vulnerable groups, who are often disaffiliated from public institutions.

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The event in pictures

Crédit photo : Marion Grange, Break Poverty Foundation