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The legacy gift allows you, through your will, to leave the totality or a portion of your assets to the people of your choice and/or to a foundation like ours. This extends beyond your lifetime or your surviving spouse. In this way, you retain all your assets for the entirety of your lifetime.

Your legacy gift to Break Poverty Foundation will be exempt from inheritance taxes.

In choosing a legacy gift to Break Poverty Foundation, you are giving special meaning to your legacy and you will allow us to help the poorest children.

You can choose to give:

  • Real Estate: apartments, houses, land, farms, commercial offices, vacant or occupied…
  • Moveable assets: furniture, works of art, jewellery, financial contributions, equity and bond portfolios, social rights or copyright

However, you must respect that which is due to rightful heirs: if you have direct heirs (spouses, ascendants, children, grand-children), the law requires you to direct a specific portion of your assets to them. You can thus decide to freely and without worries make a bequest of the ‘available share’ of your assets to Break Poverty Foundation.

There are different forms of legacy gifts

  • Universal legacy gift: to bequeath the entirety of your assets – without any distinction between real estate and moveable assets
  • Legacy gift by universal title : to bequeath a portion (half, a third, 20% or 30%…) or simply a category of your assets (all of your movable assets or all of your real estate)
  • Specific legacy gift : to bequeath one or several specifically chosen assets, whatever their nature


If you have neither children nor family and in the absence of a will, the entirety of your assets will be automatically entrusted to the Government. Writing your will allows you alone to decide who should benefit from the assets that you have acquired throughout your lifetime.



Credits : Michael Mims, Jelleke Vanooteghem, Unsplash.



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