The Break Poverty Foundation identifies and supports projects that foster the most impact to end social determinism from a young age to efficiently combat poverty in the long term.

Essentially, the selected projects correspond to three interventional areas allowing to break social determinism :

  1. Support during early childhood
  2. Lutter contre le décrochage scolaire
  3. Favoriser l’accès au premier emploi

Three levers of action allow us to finance these projects:

  1. The Local Endowment Fund Against Poverty: a local strategy that allows enterprises to mobilize and give the precarious youth a brighter future
  2. The national Funding: a strategy that identifies and finances transformative programs on a determined area, which can then be replicated in other French cities
  3. The international Funding: a strategy that identifies rigorous projects with a strong social impact developed internationally, which can be reproduced in other countries

The Break Poverty Foundation consistently invests in projects that it financially supports in order to give visibility to the associated actors. It carefully leads them into their development, notably by reinforcing their impact assessment strategy, which is vital for their effectiveness and success.

Credits : Andrew Ibrahim, Unsplash.