Break Poverty Foundation identifies and supports projects that foster the most impact in the fight against poverty. We work alongside experts and international researchers to identify the issues at stake. We select the projects on the basis of rigorous criteria; experience, governance, management and reporting in the following areas :

  • Support during early childhood
  • Prevention of school dropout
  • Access to first employment
  • Support for single mothers in precarious situations

We place impact at the heart of our programs and investments to ensure regular and rigorous reporting on the financed programs.

Break Poverty Foundation intervenes in France but also in countries where the destructive effects of poverty can no longer go unaddressed: Sahelian Africa, countries in the Middle East, in India and its neighboring countries.

combattre pauvreté

Projects that are selected and supported by the Foundation must fulfill the following criteria:

Pursue the ultimate goal of the foundation: fighting against extreme poverty

Help children and young adults, from 0-25 years old, who are the principal beneficiaries of the action, thus indirectly helping the local community

Have a positive social impact that is measured and evaluated

Have a long-term vision and can be replicated on a larger scale

Provide excellent management of the organization that is leading the project: functioning costs remain under 20%, diversity within sources of funding, good governance…

Be developed at a regional, national or international level in coordination with local partners

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