What if we found new solutions to offer a brighter future to the most vulnerable?
What if each child had equal chances to succeed?What if each young adult could pursue the career they hope for?

At Break Poverty Foundation we believe that transformative solutions exist to give all children and young adults hope that they will build their future outside of the vicious poverty cycle. We believe that our shared commitment and the consistent support provided to these populations can progressively reduce inequalities.

Can anyone accept that extreme poverty increases little by little each day while powerful countries become richer? Who can stand to see poor children in the street when they belong in school classrooms?

Because each child should have the same chances to live and thrive, Break Poverty Foundation identifies and supports innovative solutions that fight extreme poverty, with one sole purpose: to offer a future to each young person, in France and in the world.

Our action is divided into three central sub-parts: the selection of and financial support for transformative programs, research, and advocacy in order to find innovative solutions against poverty.

Our programs focus on the following four areas:

  • Support during early childhood
  • Prevention of school dropout
  • Access to first employment
  • Support for single mothers in precarious situations

Founded by Denis Metzger, Chairman of Chequers Capital, one of the largest European investment banks, the foundation hopes to place innovation, rigor, impact measurement and the power of expansion at the heart of its work.


Break Poverty Foundation identifies and supports projects that foster the most impact in the fight against poverty. We work alongside experts and international researchers to identify the issues at stake. We select the projects on the basis of rigorous criteria; experience, governance, management and reporting.

We place impact at the heart of our programs and investments to ensure regular and rigorous reporting on the financed programs.

Our programs particularly focus on children and young adults to offer them access to education, to training or to help them set up an economic project in order for them to become independent.


In order to understand the causes of extreme poverty and fight it, Break Poverty Foundation works alongside international researchers from various disciplines (sociology, economy, anthropology…).

We aim to identify and define new strategies to push back poverty in a particular context or among the most particularly vulnerable populations.


Because the fight against poverty is a collective one, Break Poverty Foundation has committed to strongly advocating for innovative solutions.

Break Poverty Foundation’s advocacy aims to define and implement the most mobilising solutions to best serve the fight against extreme poverty.

Ending poverty concerns everyone; civil society, businesses, governments and international organisations need to join and contribute. Today, this fight is vital.

Similarly to India, which voted the first law encouraging companies to donate 2% of their end of year result to social responsibility actions, all of the countries worldwide should find a method of wealth redistribution to support the most vulnerable populations.

Break Poverty Foundation is committed to this change by identifying and implementing innovative solutions that benefit the poorest individuals.

Crédits photos : Yakobchuk Viachelslav, Shutterstock ; Andrew Coop et Joseph Gonzalez, Unsplash.