Structure and Governance

Break Poverty Foundation is recognized of public utility. It is presided by its founder, Mr. Denis Metzger.

Denis Metzger

Denis Metzger

President – Founder

Denis Metzger has always been committed to humanitarian causes whilst pursuing a career in investment banking in New York, London and Paris. He is the Chairman of Chequers Capital, a leading private equity investor in Europe. He participated in the creation of Action Against Hunger, the “Appel pour le Combat” with Abbé Pierre and “Droit d’Urgence”. He was the President of ACF France and Chairman of its International Board from 2006 to 2013.

Pierre Derieux

Pierre Derieux


Pierre Derieux is a consultant and independent investor. He began his career as a production engineer in the steel industry. He then spent 18 years working for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in France and in the United States. Specifically, he directed the expertise center for Industry in Paris, and is part of the management team in charge of the totality of BCG activities for France. Pierre graduated from l’Ecole Polytechnique and from l’Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.


Mounim Alami


Mounim Alami is the Chief Executive Officer of MARECHAL Electric Group. After a few years in auditing and consulting, he joined MARECHAL Electric in 2001, where he has developed it to become a French industrial mid-sized company primarily focused on international markets.

Mounim Alami graduated from Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1989.

Christian Dargnat

Christian Dargnat


Christian Dargnat is the President of Dargnatnomics, a consulting firm in finance, economy, geo-economy and geopolitics. Prior to this, Christian was the CEO of BNP Paribas Asset Management. He has also presided l’EFAMA (European Fund & Asset Management Association). Christian Dargnat is the President of the association that financed En Marche! He is a professor in Geo-economy and lecturer at HEC and Sciences Po.

veronique saint olive

Véronique Saint Olive


Having first studied in history and geography, Véronique Saint Olive later also graduated from Science Po Lyon. She first worked for the Journal Rhone Alpes, and subsequently worked for Libération before joining France 2 where she covered the highest political events in France. She was accredited to the Elysée where she followed the President Jacques Chirac. She was nominated head of the politics department and became chief editor of the TV programs Des Paroles et des Actes and of l’Emission Politique.

Olivier Noblecourt

Olivier Noblecourt


Olivier Noblecourt began his commitment in Grenoble as the Chief of Staff to the Mayor, then elected to the city and the metropolitan area, notably in charge of social policies until 2014.

As the former Chief of Staff to the Minister of National Education, he later led the “urbanism & social cohesion” programs at the General Commissioner for Investment before becoming the interministerial delegate for the prevention and fight against poverty. He is currently the Director of Sustainable Local Investment within an investment company.

Executive Team

Valérie DAHER

Valérie Daher


With a degree from Dauphine and Sciences Po Paris, Valérie Daher has been invested in the humanitarian sector for over 15 years, specifically within Action against Hunger France as the director of communication and development. She then became the managing director of ACF Development, thus responsible for the international development of this network until 2018. Valérie Daher is a member of the French Fundraisers Association and a lecturer at the French Certificate of Fundraising at ESSEC.

Sophie de CASSON

Sophie de Casson

Administrative and Financial Manager

With a master’s degree in communication, Sophie dedicated the first ten years of her professional life to development projects in Africa and Asia, as well as being the director of Agir Pour le Cambodge. She then worked for another ten years in an agency focused on scientific communication before joining the Break Poverty Foundation in May 2019.


Christophe Sanchez

Innovation Department Director

Graduated from the ESSEC Business School with a PhD in the domain of how big corporations deal with poverty, Christophe has always worked on subjects related to the public’s general interest. After working five years at BearingPoint as a development consulter, he develops an expertise in impact evaluation at KiMSO for more than two years. Specialized in poverty and equal opportunities issues, he led the Programs team at Break Poverty Foundation from 2018 to 2023, then was appointed Director of Innovation.

Charlotte WAMBERGUE-N&B2

Charlotte Wambergue

Programs Director

Graduated from Sciences Po Paris and the ESSEC Business School, Charlotte started her career at Accenture before joining Orpea in 2015, where she was responsible for improving the results and service quality of the group’s healthcare facilities in its 12 countries of operation. She then turned to social and solidarity economy and participated in the On Purpose Associate program in 2019, completing missions for the Samusocial de Paris and She joined Break Poverty in 2020 to oversee, among other things, the expansion of the local endowment fund to 50 new territories. In 2023, she was appointed Director of Programs.

Morgane Le Pord NB

Morgane Le Pord

Development Manager

Graduated from HEC Paris Grande Ecole Program, Morgane began her professional career at Sephora, a company within the LVMH group. She held various positions there, including in digital CRM, in an international environment. She then specialized in managing complex projects involving multiple teams. From 2021 to 2022, she participated in the On Purpose Associate program to dedicate her energy to the social and solidarity economy, and discovered fundraising roles at Réseau Môm’artre. In January 2024, after a humanitarian trip to Africa, she chose to support the fight against poverty and joined Break Poverty Foundation as Development Manager.

Julie F-NB

Julie Flottes

Connected Success Project Manager

Graduated from Audencia Nantes School of Management, Julie worked in marketing for 8 years before joining the On Purpose Associate program to transition into the social and solidarity economy sector. She completed missions at Voix Publique and the Môm’artre Network. Wanting to further her commitment to youth empowerment, she joined Break Poverty in October 2020 to lead the Connected Success program.


Anne-Claire Petit

Local endowment fund expansion Manager

Graduated from Sciences Po Paris, Anne-Claire has oriented her career around the synergies between the public and private sectors. For over 5 years, she supported major players in public health, employment, and social protection in their transformation projects at Sopra Steria Next. She joined Break Poverty in early 2022 to oversee the expansion of the local endowment fund in the Île-de-France and Grand Est regions, then nationally starting in the spring of 2024.


Sarah Philippe

Regional Delegate

Graduated from Paris 2 University in Information and Communication Sciences, Sarah has always been involved in missions related to the public interest. After years of consulting in communication agencies, specializing in prevention and health education campaigns, she joined the public sector to work on the promotion of public policies. In 2018, she turned to the foundation sector and contributed to the creation and deployment of a territorial foundation that promotes the inclusion of the most vulnerable people in the North of France. She joined Break Poverty in March 2022 to oversee the expansion of the local endowment fund in the Hauts-de-France region.

Olivia Song NB

Olivia Song

Innovative Projects Manager

Always interested in public policies, Olivia pursued her studies at Sciences Po Paris before transitioning into consultancy for administrations. She started at Sopra Steria Next, where she supported digital transformation projects for several ministries for 4 years. In June 2023, she decided to commit to the social and solidarity economy and joined Break Poverty in the fight against social determinism among youth, where she currently focuses on the emergence of innovative programs within the research and strategy department.


Sabrina Djaouti

Regional Delegate

Graduated from a Master’s degree in Political Science, Sabrina initially focused on public policies, working at the General Secretariat for Public Action Modernization (SGMAP) and later at Sopra Steria Next, where she supported various state services in their transformation programs. Concurrently, she dedicated over 4 years to working with the youth of Seine-Saint-Denis through the association “Les Passer’ailes de Rosa,” leading the HOPE sponsorship program. With this commitment to youth, Sabrina joined Break Poverty in June 2022 to oversee the expansion of the local endowment fund in the Île-de-France and Normandy regions.

Juliette Catala NB

Juliette Catala

Research Analyst

Graduated from Dauphine and Sciences Po Paris, with the highest honors, Juliette has specialized in territorial public policies, seeking local impact. She has also built her professional career in the social and solidarity economy, specifically focusing on poverty alleviation. She was involved with the association La Cloche, which she presided over for 2 years, and then worked in consultancy for private, public, and nonprofit actors. She returned to Break Poverty, where she had completed her internship, to work on early childhood-related issues.

Ariane Beyssade NB

Ariane Beyssade

Development Officer

Graduated from the Grande Ecole Program at Neoma Business School, Ariane began her professional career in digital project management. In 2020, she decided to transition to work in favor of the general interest and the common good. After 3 years of experience in associative fundraising, both in agencies and associations, she joined us in September 2023 as a fundraising development officer.

Nadège Malti NB

Nadège Malti

Project Manager Mentoring for Child Welfare

Graduated from ESCP Europe, Nadège began her career as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, where she worked for 3 years on topics related to the public interest, assisting actors in the education and health sectors with their strategic and organizational transformations. She joined Break Poverty in October 2023 to support departments in implementing mentoring for youth in Child Welfare.


Margaux Meauxsoone

Regional Delegate

Graduated from EMLYON Business School, Margaux began her career at a data marketing and customer experience consulting firm. After five years in consulting, she decided to transition her career to the social and solidarity economy through the On Purpose Associate program in 2021, completing missions for two associations (Le Choix de l’Ecole and l’AMLI). She then joined an organization specializing in supporting young dropouts and their career orientation before deciding to join Break Poverty in November 2023 to support the territories in the French Southeast in deploying the local endowment fund.

Cécile FaraNB

Cécile Fara

Project Manager

Graduated from Sciences Po Paris and University College London, with a specialization in social policies. During her studies, Cécile co-founded “Feminists in the City,” a company that sheds light on women’s history through guided tours and conferences. After 3 years dedicated to entrepreneurship, she worked at Groupe SOS on the development and communication of Ogénie, a project dedicated to combating the isolation of elderly people. She joined Break Poverty in January 2024 as a project manager within the Programs Department.


Julie Masselis

Regional Delegate

Passionate about the multiplicity of life stories, Julie first studied architecture and urban planning before turning to film. She graduated from Hunter College with a Bachelor of Arts in 2012, and has since worked in the United States and France as a production manager. In 2022, faced with the social and environmental crisis, Julie turned to the SSE via the On Purpose programme. She worked for the Aurore association and the Primo Lévi Centre. Her particular interest in territorial policies, social inclusion issues and alliance strategies led her to cross paths with the Break Poverty team, which she joined in February 2024 as Regional Delegate for the Ile-De-France, Grand Est and Grand Ouest regions.