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The economic consequences of the health crisis on the French population are dramatic, with an estimated one million people having fallen below the poverty line in 2020.

Break Poverty’s study on early childhood poverty and food aid, which surveyed around 100 parents with children aged 0-3 receiving food support, paints an alarming picture of poverty among young children in France, its impact on family stress and its exponential rise due to the

Digital skills are essential for citizens to be fully integrated in today’s society. Most administrative formalities are carried out online, whether it’s completing a tax return, looking for work or creating a business. But what about those on the other side of the digital divide?

Social empowerment through employment is also one of the principal objectives mentioned in the report. Among the proposed strategies: accompany welfare beneficiaries in their search for employment.

At Break Poverty Foundation, we believe that transformative solutions exist to give all children and young adults, hope that they will build their future outside of the vicious poverty cycle.

Crédit photo : Thomas Park, Unsplash.