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Why support us?

Every child deserves a chance to succeed in life, every individual deserves to live with dignity. A donation to the Break Poverty Foundation can contribute greatly in offering this chance to the victims of poverty.

Break Poverty is the only organization that focuses all of its energy in strategies that aim to attack the root causes of poverty. To act efficiently, our expert teams have built their programs according to three primordial axes:

As a result of these three axes, more than 10 projects have been detected and are currently being financed and will benefit thousands of children. Your financial help as well as your commitment are vital components for the development of projects our foundation supports. It is also an extraordinary source of hope for the children and young adults who benefit from them.

Join us and fight against poverty through a donation!

Making a donation

Making a donation against poverty is a way to actively participate in the fight against poverty and inequalities. Your donations allow the foundation to invest in innovative projects that are pioneers in reducing inequalities.

The fight against extreme poverty is a collective battle. Therefore, we propose to contribute to each sum donated to the Break Poverty Foundation.


Together, we will be stronger against poverty!

And to durably help children and young adults to overcome poverty our actions must be carried out for a long period of time; you have the possibility to support us by regular and automatic donations. Discover the advantages of this type of support for you, for us, and for all the families that we help together.

The tax reduction advantages as a result of your donations

Donating to fight against poverty is a gesture recognized by the state. Your donation is secured and you benefit from a tax reduction of 66% on the amount of your donation within the limit of your 20% taxable income.

All you have to do is precise the sum of your donation when you declaire your income tax return ny providing the necessary information and justifications. The tax deduction finally taxes place during the calculation of your taxes.

Your donation therefore only costs – after the tax reduction – 34% of its initial sum. However, 100% of your sum will go directly to the benefit of the projects that we support thanks to you. Don’t hesitate anymore!

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