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Making a donation

In addition to financial donations, Break Poverty Foundation can receive donations of real estate and moveable assets.

The donation allows you to irrevocably transmit an asset during your lifetime. In order to validate this transfer, a deed is absolutely necessary.

This is an efficient way of supporting our foundation today by supplying important resources that are indispensable to the actions led. Your donation is entirely exempt from the transfer taxes. The notarial fees can be covered by the foundation.

Your donation can be one or more assets of real estate as well as a financial amount, shares even a work of art.


It is possible to donate an asset whilst retaining its ownership, and to give for a previously determined amount of time, the usufruct of the asset. This is a temporary usufruct donation.

The temporary usufruct donation includes all types of assets that generate revenues, whether it is an investment portfolio or a rented property. This donation means that the donor will temporarily stop receiving the revenues generated by this asset for Break Poverty Foundation to benefit from it

Tax benefits

The principal advantage of this donation is that it allows you to remove the asset and the revenues generated by it from your tax declaration for a determined amount of time.

In other words, during the time of the donation, the value of the assets produced in usufruct are excluded from the your taxable base and teh revenues become free of tax.

The temporary usufruct donation presents another advantage regarding the determined length of time of the donation which is three years minimum. The donor is thus guaranteed to be able to retrieve the full property or asset once the deadline has arrived without paying duty.

  • When an investment portfolio is donated under the temporary usufruct donation, Break Poverty Foundation will acquire the revenues produced by the shares.
  • When a rented property is donated under the temporary usufruct donation, Break Poverty Foundation will acquire the entirety of the rents payed.

It is through this usufruct donation that your assets can contribute to helping the children most in need.

Your donation will be exempted from any taxes free of cost. It will also be exempted from any taxing of your financial or land revenues.


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