Message from the Founder

« One child out of five currently lives below the poverty line in France. Three out of five children are afraid of becoming poor one day.

What future can we expect for all these young people?
How will Europe respond to the inevitable influx of young people from the poorest countries if we do not act?
How can we offer all these young people the conditions for a decent life?

For over 40 years, as I have travelled the world, I have witnessed poverty in every corner of the globe. I’ve fought it alongside Abbé Pierre and Action Against Hunger. In this world of growing inequalities, I am convinced that every child and every young person must have the same opportunities. And this will only be possible with the mobilisation of the largest number of people.

Break Poverty Foundation is a cornerstone of innovation, research and mobilisation against extreme poverty. It aims to identify and support new solutions and give them the means to expand. It aims to mobilise all energies in this fight, particularly those of companies. We are convinced that building a better world is possible if each and every one of us gives ourselves the means to succeed. That’s what Break Poverty Foundation is all about. »

Denis Metzger

                   Photo credit : Michael Mims, Unsplash.