How to combat poverty in the world ?

While global poverty has declined, it remains life threatening for many people around the world where inequalities have been growing.

Break Poverty’s plan of action to combat poverty

  • Identify and analyze the needs
  • Mobilize the necessary funds needed to effectively respond (notably through collaboration with enterprises)
  • Put in place and finance transformative projects
  • Evaluate their impact
  • Expand the efficient projects where other needs have been identified

Combat poverty: a challenge for humanity

The first sustainable development goal of the UN is the elimination of poverty in the entire world. Break Poverty Foundation subscribes to this battle by adhering to the following two measures of action :

  • The mobilization of diverse resources to equip countries who are in dire need of programs and policies aiming to end poverty
  • The put in place on a regional, national, and international scale viable plans of action founded on development strategies favorable to the poor in order to accelerate investments targeting the elimination of poverty.

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Credits : Ibrahim Riftah, Unsplash.