Transformative solutions to eradicate poverty

Transformative solutions to eradicate poverty :

At Break Poverty Foundation, we believe that transformative solutions exist to give all children and young adults, hope that they will build their future outside of the vicious poverty cycle. Can anyone accept that extreme poverty increases bit by bit each day while powerful countries become richer? Because each child should have the same chances to live and thrive, Break Poverty Foundation identifies and supports innovative solutions that fight extreme poverty, with one sole purpose: to offer a future to each young person, in France and in the world

Our action is divided into three central sub-parts: the selection of and support to pilot programs, research and mobilization for innovative solutions.

Founded by Denis Metzger, Chequers Capital President, one of the largest European investment banks, the foundation hopes to place innovation, rigor, impact measurement and the power of expansion at the heart of its work.



Credits : Pachal Parzuchowski, Unsplash.