What is the “Poverty Plan”?

In France, 9 million people are poor, including 3 million children. In September 2018, the president Emmanuel Macron presented a series of measures aiming to combat poverty, to put a stop the reproduction of generations and generations stuck in precarious situations, and to overcome this societal powerlessness in the face of this scourge. Support for early childhood, access to employment, and extension of the CMU appear all to be measures put forth. As Break Poverty proposes concrete solutions, where the efficiency has been measured, we have associated ourselves to this device: one of our programs, the Local Endowment Fund Against Poverty, has been chosen amongst the 21 other capable measures to end the vicious cycle of poverty in France.

Local Endowment Fund Against Poverty: when enterprises join forces to combat poverty

14% of the enterprises in France realize already philanthropic actions. However, Break Poverty bets that this last statistic would be even larger to intervene on their territory if they were presented with ambitious and efficient programs. At Romans-sur-Isère, it happened! Break Poverty Foundation and the Town Hall gave the enterprises a challenge: divide by the two the number of young adults without employment. After meeting with 21 enterprises, 14 finance today projects that have changed the life of destitute families and teenagers. Results have 6 months of intervention? More than one million euros have been raised thanks to the community and enterprises, 6 projects have been financed and directly benefit 250 citizens.

Why did this pioneer project get the attention of the government in the context of its national strategy of prevention and combat against poverty? Because its efficiency has already showed in a few months, that it can be replicated on different territories, but also, because it creates a real collective battle and an innovative way for enterprises and associations to collaborate together.