How to combat poverty ?

The only way to combat poverty is by starting at the root of the problem.

In France, six generations are needed to overcome poverty. Children from precarious families have little to no social mobility, and as a result:

  • At the age of three, a destitute child will master less than half of the words a rich child will master.
  • A disadvantaged teenager has a 28% less chance of not getting his high school diploma compared to a rich teenager.
  • A youngster coming from a deprived neighborhood is exposed + 13% to unemployment than another youngster from a different neighborhood, with the same diploma.

The Break Poverty Foundation wants to eliminate this social determinism, starting from the youngest age. We are convinced that prevention is the key to durably combat poverty. This is why we have defined three vital interventions:

Our action revolves around three facets: the selection and the financing of strong and promising programs, the research, and the mobilization in order to find innovative solutions to combat poverty.

The combat against poverty is a vital issue for our society, and as a result, the Break Poverty Foundation wants to congregate all the forces of our country to achieve this challenge: particulars, enterprises, state and NGO. All together, we can do it!

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Credits : Timothy Eberly, Unsplash.