La mairie de Béthune

The Break Poverty Foundation establishes its strategy in Béthune to fight against poverty.

The Break Poverty Foundation was in Béthune on Thursday, May 23rd for the inauguration of their strategy, the Local Corporate Endowment. More than twenty local corporations were assembled to discover this ambitious strategy and the 12 chosen projects by the foundation.

Bethune: 1000 young people in chronic situation of poverty

For the past ten years, the number of poor people in France has not stopped increasing. Today, 9,8 million people (14% of the French population) live under the international poverty line. The city of Béthune and a portion of its habitants are in a very precarious situation. The poverty rate in Béthune is twice as much as the national average and goes up to 45% in the neighborhood of Mont-Liébaut, one of the most underprivileged areas of the city. 20% of the population are unemployed and this statistic goes up to 40% when focusing on individuals aged from 15 to 24 years old.

Despite the numerous initiatives put in place by the municipality and local associations, an important portion of young people remains in precarious situations that they struggle to overcome: in total, we estimate that approximately 1 000 young people are confronted with chronic situations of poverty and exclusion. The Break Poverty Foundation and the municipality of Béthune have chosen to work together to give a brighter future to these 1 000 young people by supporting transformative projects. Beyond the programs that already exist in Béthune, the Local Corporate Endowment could enable new projects to be implanted, in order to offer new solutions to the young people.

Launch of the local corporate endowment

To help these 1 000 young people in situations of extreme instability, the Break Poverty Foundation has decided to establish its strategy of the Local Corporate Endowment in the city of Béthune. After having identified the priorities in terms of social needs to more efficiently fight against poverty, the foundation has selected 12 pertinent projects to face the needs identified on the territory. Six of them are local projects which will now be able to have a larger impact on the population: a high school with zero dropouts, an association that assists school dropouts in their artistic expression to find a new path, an organization that helps young people with no diploma to find jobs as technicians, a garage that helps young people find employment, etc. The six other projects, which were launched in other cities, will deploy their action in Béthune – given the sufficient funds – to help more young people and respond to their social needs: an association allowing to better assist young children in their early cognitive and physical development, an actor that offers support to middle and high schoolers, an association that specifically aims to educate girls on the different jobs in the scientific world, etc.

Launching event on the 23RD of May

After launching our strategy in Romans-sur-Isère in 2018 and in Nantes last April, the foundation establishes its strategy in Béthune. Approximately twenty local corporations have responded to our invitation to join forces on the 23rd of May and discovered the 12 selected projects. The corporations have proven to be very receptive and interested by the initiative. The Break Poverty Foundation hopes that a maximum of projects will be able to receive financing through the corporations’ support.

The next step will be to individually meet the heads of each corporation that were present at the event, but also those who were not available at the time and would still like to participate and fund one or several of the selected projects.

Lastly, a general reunion will be held on the 8th of July 2019 to review the developments of the projects and the current state of finances.

To receive the presentation from the reunion of the 23rd of May,

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