The national Funding

The Local Endowment Fund Against Poverty is currently the main financial mechanism that allows the continuous support of concrete innovative projects. However, the foundation also invests in transformative projects that offer support during early childhood, give prevention measures against school drop-outs, and guide the youth towards employment.

The foundation supports projects at each stage (creation, stabilization, development, and expansion) as long as they have the capacity to incite systematic change. In occurrence, there are five principal criteria governing the selection of projects :

  • Severity of the social need to which the project responds to: the social need is clearly identified, targeted and justified, its urgency and the extent to which the proposed intervention is effective.
  • Relevance of the solution proposed: the general objectives and proposed plan of action of the project evokes a convincing response to the social need identified.
  • The stability of the organization and its teams: the leaders of the project and their teams manifest a strong motivation and sense of duty to carry out the project most effectively, both financially and in terms of HR.
  • Open to structural changes of teams and governance: the governance as well as the directors of teams demonstrate an openness to change, allowing for the implementation of new projects of a certain magnitude.

In order to bring effective support to project leaders, the foundation engages itself to :

  • Support projects with yearly commitments, guaranteeing the sustainability and effectiveness of projects carried out
  • To propose extra-financial support to projects carried out to reinforce their effectiveness, especially in the following two key areas: impact assessment and the collection of funds
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