The international Funding

Break Poverty Foundation progressively develops projects internationally. In all contexts, its approach remains the same: identify and finance innovative solutions to prevent poverty and end social determinism that mostly impacts the most vulnerable young populations.

As the foundation does in France, Break Poverty uses its expertise in detecting transformative projects in order to support and duplicate the most promising projects.

The foundation supports projects at every stage (creation, stabilization, development, and duplication) once it is evident that their program could have a systematic impact on the youth. Evidently, there are five different criteria when choosing projects:

  • Accuracy of the project in relation to the social need: the social need is clearly identified, targeted and justified, its urgency and its scale effectively responds to the proposed intervention;
  • Pertinence of the response: the general objectives and the main actions of the project propose a convincing solution to the social need identified;
  • Potential to change the scale: the project proposes a model with a strong potential to gain traction, either by internal changes or by duplicating the project. The adequate and sufficient funds are collected to favor such development;
  • Solidity of the organization and of its teams: the head of the project and his/her teams demonstrate a strong motivation and a real capability to carry out the project, from both a financial stance and a human resource one;
  • Openness to change teams and the governance of the structure: the governance as well as the direction and their teams demonstrate flexibility in changing their structure, which brings the possibility to put in place new innovative projects

Credits : Andrew Ibrahim, Unsplash.